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Not only those with good physical strength and passion for adventure can go trekking. At the Trop house, everyone can trek.

Many individuals use trekking as a type of physical activity for their health because it is regarded as a sport. Participants in other activities, such as bird watching, camping in the heart of nature, sightseeing, and trekking, in addition to walking and climbing, show interest in these activities.

This subject is quite “choosy”. Being picky here is because trekking is only really suitable for those who love nature and steadfastly pursue their goals. But trekking is also very "generous" and "easygoing", trekking is a subject for all subjects, regardless of age, gender, profession.

Trekking with children

For kids, taking a walk inside the outdoors is a delightful experience. From elementary and secondary school students to 1-year-old babies in slings, kids of virtually any age can go trekking through the forest.

The first smile, and first walk are always the most magical. My very first trek was also a special one.

Children from 3-6 years old may participate in the walk at Trop's home as long as an adult is beside them. Children from 7 to 12 who are older can travel alone with safety guides.

Parents may relax knowing that a Tropical Trekking Safety Guide will be there to follow, mentor, and teach you new skills in the wild for every 2-3 kids.

Trekking tours suitable for children:

Trekking Heaven Gate Waterfall - Towards the sacred waterfall

Trekking Kon Roong – A relaxing trail

Trekking with elderly

You are entirely mistaken if you believe that only young individuals can go trekking. There were 50, 60, and 70-year-old relatives and uncles climbing the "ferry" mountain, walking through the forest, and cutting Bidoup mountain at Trop's house.

Sports participation may be constrained by age or risk of injury. Nevertheless, trekking—a pastime that involves walking through a forest—is actually best suited for senior citizens. Simply select the path that best suits your tastes and physical condition.

Particularly at Tropical Trekking, a safety guide is always present and keeps a close eye on the participants' physical condition throughout the entire trip.

Trekking tours suitable for elderly:

Trekking Heaven Gate Waterfall - Towards the sacred waterfall

Trekking Kon Roong – A relaxing trail

Trekking for beginers

Hiking for those without experience

You've never hiked, your physical condition is poor, and you seldom ever work out.

But, you want to go trekking to "see how!," which is why more and more people are taking up this sport.

If you have enough self-confidence, Tropical Trekking will always be by your side.

You will be given advice on how to exercise before the trip, beginner's recommendations, and the trekking experiences that the veteran trekkers of the Trop family have accumulated over the course of many years of engaging in this subject.

You must be sufficiently driven to make the initial trip, daring to be resilient to overcome oneself in order to awaken your boundaries.

Trekking tours suitable for beginers:

Trekking Heaven Gate Waterfall - Towards the sacred waterfall

Trekking Kon Roong – A relaxing trail

Suggested trekking experiences for beginners:


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Trekking is a fun activity, regardless of age.

Let's start your exciting experiences with Tropical Trekking!

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