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Relaxing Trail - Kon Roong Hiking

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Starting gate: Tropical Trekking
Destination: Trekking
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 Relaxing Trail

A relaxing trip through the pine forests, staring at the endless valleys, and listening to the performances of the green forest symphony.

Level 1 (Beginner – 25km) | 2 Days 3 Nights

HCMC – Da Lat – HCMC   |   The number of customers: 4-12 pax

Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches,  1 dinner 


  • Gather at the bus station.
  • Tour information, safety instructions and trekking equipment hand out.
  • Head to Da Lat.

According to research, trees and plants create chemicals called phytoncides that strengthen person's immune system.

Day 1: Da Lat City - Bidoup National Park - Kon Roong

  • Breakfast in Dalat city, enjoy the highland coffee.
  • Jeep/Car pick up from Da Lat Center to Ranger Station
  • Visit the biodiversity display area and listen to the cultural stories of the K'Ho people
  • Let's start the journey to explore the mountains and forests!
  • Walk under the canopy of the endemic Ba La pine forest and cross the vast green valleys
  • Lunch and rest at the campsite where rangers still frequent to protect the forest
  • Continue trekking through the gorgeous views and mixed broadleaf and coniferous forest system
  • Stop at Twin Bean Farm, a farm full of Arabica coffee and amazing tales.
  • Luxury camping next to the stream
  • Have a Barbecue dinner, enjoy some canned wine, and share stories around the red fire.


Rest at Twin Beans Farm, relax after a tiring day

Ngày 2: Kon Roong - Da Lat City - HCMC

  • Awakened by the warm rays of sunlight in the middle of the plateau
  • Have breakfast and enjoy a warm cup of K'Ho coffee in the chilly morning air
  • Start and continue towards the top of LangBiang mountain
  • To see the Langbiang Grass Horses, cross the forest and descend to the huge grasslands.
  • Heading through the Lach people's flower gardens, coffee farms, and, in particular, the ancient cherry and apricot trees that are brightly lighted from above.
  • Uaz car picks up the group and takes the group to the foot of LangBiang mountain for lunch, ending the walking journey
  • 16h - Return to Da Lat City for a relaxing hot bath
  • Having dinner at your own expense in the center of Da Lat city, you can freely enjoy the special dishes here.
  • 9pm – Gather at the meeting point
  • 22:00 – Get on the bus, return to the bustling city of Saigon


Note: Schedule can be changed due to weather conditions


  1. Travel accident insurance
  2. Transport: HCMC – Da Lat – HCMC                                                         
  3. Jeep/Car (transport to/from the forest)                                                        
  4. All meals from the morning of day 1 to the night of day 2
  5. Water: 1,5l/ day; K’Ho coffee for each day
  6. Tour guide & porter (English speaking)
  7. Camping items: tent, sleeping bag, water filter
  8. Medical & rescue equipment
  9. Convenient bag
  10. National Park ticket

Not included:

  1. Personal fee
  2. Beer, softdrink
  3. Tips

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