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The Cil people believe that in order to become a real man, the sons must be strong enough and courageous enough to once overcome the high and dangerous mountains.

Monkey Mountain - The rugged trail through Bidoup

One of the lengthiest and most challenging paths in the South Central Highlands is the extensive track that traverses the park's natural scenery.

from pine forests to tropical jungles, from valleys to tall hills, and with a variety of terrain types. The trekkers will come across all of the hazards that the bush hides.

You will walk to the unmarked area on the map that is frequently visited by hunters and herders. You can find mysterious stories that are concealed there. conquering the challenge by reaching the top of Monkey Mountain at a height of 2,001m, seeing the gorgeous nature from above, and navigating the rugged high hills.

On the second day of your expedition, Yo-Dou, one of the South Central Highlands' third-highest peaks, waits your conquering.

 Trekking Monkey Mountain with Tropical Trekking

The secret village - Dong-Iar-Jieng

The Cil people exploited the undiscovered town of Dong-Iar-Jieng Monkey Mountain as a natural hunting trail deep within the bush. The Cil people's Dong-Iar-Jieng village, tucked away in the woods, will be traversed on the trekking route. The first day, you will camp and tour the remote community that is tucked away in a dense forest. Experience local specialties and activities.

 Trekking Monkey Mountain with Tropical Trekking

Dong-Iar-Jieng experiences primarily chilly weather, with two distinct seasons—the rainy season and the dry season—that are typical of the Central Highlands. One of the things Tropical Trekking wants its clients to experience is the unique blending of the Cil people's cuisine, culture, and environment. You may enjoy the enormous tree trunks, wooden homes, incomplete fire pits, and breathtaking vistas of the long valleys and hills.

Who is Monkey Mountain suitable for?

Not everyone should take this route. Those who want to participate in Monkey Mountain must meet the requirements. A trekker needs to be physically fit and experienced.

 Trekking Monkey Mountain with Tropical Trekking

There are several places in the old forest where there is no route at all. Thus, if you lack much experience or have never engaged in the Monkey Mountain route journey, it will be highly perilous. Only Animals who were accustomed to live in the bush were able to move with ease. So don't worry if you don't have much expertise; Tropical Trekking's safety guide will help you the entire time. You'll take a fitness test at The Trop House to see if you're in good enough shape to walk up Monkey Mountain.

Food on the trail of Tropical Trekking

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, passionate about challenges and have the ability to quickly adapt to erratic changes in the forest. Monkey Mountain is the road for you.

See details of Monkey Mountain Trekking Tour - Dong-Iar-Jieng Village here.


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