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Trekking shoes are insurance for your feet. Buying a good pair of shoes is a healthy investment if you decide to trek seriously for the long term. A pair of shoes that does not fit, will give you a bad experience on the journey. Because this is an important decision, Tropical Trekking will guide you in detail on how to choose the right trekking shoes for beginners. You don't have to go far, we have all the information that you need.

What is a good pair of trekking shoes?

There are many different types of footwear in trekking/hiking. Each type is suitable for different terrains. The criterion of Tropical Trekking is that the best shoes must be versatile and work well in all different types of terrain. This ensures both foot health and economic security for beginners to participate in this "expensive" subject.

For the mountainous terrain with humid tropical climate typical of Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries, if you are a beginner, consider the following factors before deciding to buy: structure, quality material and aesthetics.


Choose the right trekking shoe size for your feet

The comfort and performance of your feet depends on your size. Tropical Trekking recommends that you should choose trekking shoes larger than your normal size. Because when moving, especially going downhill, your toes will have to contact the toe of the shoe a lot. Choosing shoes that are ½ or 1 size larger will help you make space for your toes to breathe.

When deciding to buy shoes if you are confused between choosing between two shoe sizes and do not know which new pair is suitable for your feet. Then do the following option. A wider shoe, you can use shoe socks to fit. But a pair of tight shoes will not change.

Note, you should go to the store to try on shoes instead of ordering online. In the evening your legs will be a little bigger because after a day of moving and being active.

Should I buy waterproof trekking shoes or not?

We all aim to keep our feet as dry as possible when hiking. Dry feet will be cooler under the hot and humid weather of Vietnam's climate. Waterproof shoes keep your feet from getting wet while hiking through shallow puddles, streams, mud, and areas with thick fog.

However, when moving through streams, waterproof shoes will get soggy and make you feel extremely uncomfortable

Think about it, if you have to move with wet socks and flooded shoes, it's uncomfortable, right?

In contrast, non-waterproof shoes are much more breathable than shoes with a waterproof membrane.

For trekking routes in areas with many rivers and streams, it is better for beginners to choose non-waterproof shoes because they prevent your feet from sweating and stinking in hot weather.


Check the grip of the sole of trekking shoes

The sole has deep grooves that will help your foot firmly grip the muddy area, preventing you from slipping on steep roads. For the beginners, a pair of shoes with a firm grip will give you firmer steps.

The softness and flexibility of the sole of trekking shoes

If the sole is too hard, your feet will be sore and difficult to adapt to different types of terrain. Therefore, you should consider buying a shoe with a soft sole, preferably made of hard plastic. And they also have a reversible system of spikes in the forefoot and heel for grip when you go uphill and downhill. They will bring you softness and comfort to your feet, and protect you from stones.

Trekking shoes with ankle support

The ankle is an extremely important part of the body, but many people still ignore it.

Meanwhile, the fact that you have to constantly move on rough terrain, with lots of rocks, or even when climbing steep slopes will make your ankles easily dislocated unexpectedly.

Therefore, high collar trekking shoes with ankle support should be an important factor to consider next. In addition, they also prevent small pebbles from getting into the shoe.


Note: Today manufacturers produce different products for men's trekking shoes and women's trekking shoes, with the aim of making them more suitable for each individual. Women's trekking shoes will be designed to be thinner and lighter than men's to match women's slim legs. This is also a point you need to keep in mind when buying shoes.


How important is the material of trekking shoes?

Trekking shoes are structured with 3 main parts: insole, outsole and fastening system.


The outsole is the bottom part of the shoe where it comes into direct contact with the ground. The outsole is also where the comfort and stability of a shoe. It provides firmness to your shoes and cushioning for your feet.

Therefore, the sole of your shoe should be sturdy enough to protect you from any abrasive shocks when walking on long and rocky terrain. Note that you should choose rubber soles, because rubber has good adhesion and excellent anti-slip properties.


The insole is the entire upper part of the shoe. They work to support and protect the foot from shock, increasing stability and flexibility enough to help you move naturally. Flexibility is one of the most important factors of trekking shoes, so you should prioritize shoes made from breathable, easy-to-drain materials.

Fastening system

The length and width of the leash system can increase or decrease your performance. Shoelaces are usually made from durable nylon or polyester for quick adjustment and ensure a comfortable and secure fit in all conditions.


How to try on trekking shoes properly

When trying on shoes, your toes should not touch the toes. And make sure the socks (socks) you wear when trying on shoes will be the ones used during the trip. Since socks have different thicknesses, they will create different spaces when wearing shoes. This ensures you will choose the shoe size that best suits your feet.

Familiarize yourself with trekking shoes before the trip

You should buy trekking shoes 2 weeks before the trip. During those 2 weeks, wear shoes and try to move a lot so that your feet get used to the new shoes. So when moving during the trip, you will not encounter many obstacles.


It is difficult to choose a perfect pair of shoes. Find the best pair of shoes that give you comfort, fit, stability, support.

Wish you have a great experience on your upcoming trip.

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