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If you have specific preparation, you can ensure maximum efficiency during the trekking trip. Tropical Trekking will share with you 5 tips that no one knows to help you prepare your belongings properly, save time and effort, and at the same time you can move more easily and safely throughout the journey.

Use micro-steps when climbing

Using micro-steps is one way to help avoid fatigue when climbing uphill. You can practice this method as follows: when placing one foot in front of the other, the distance between the heel of the front foot and the toe of the back foot is only about 5cm. Continue to place the back foot forward so that the heel is 5cm from the toe of the other foot

Repeating steps like this while climbing and keeping your breathing deep will help you get through the ramps without stopping to rest. When you notice that your breathing is faster than normal, slow down slowly.

Using micro-steps when climbing

If you wonder that small steps will make you lag behind your teammates. Don't worry, the steps are small but very steady and fast. Others climb the slope fast but they have to stop to rest, while you take small steps but do not need to stop once. It is unexpected that you have passed your friend ever since. Mastering these steps, you don't need to worry about any difficult slopes anymore.

Always carry a clothesline

The clothesline helps to reduce the weight of the backpack. When trekking, it is inevitable that clothes get wet due to body sweat or getting wet when crossing streams or in the rain. Using a handy clothesline, you can tie them between tree branches, camp posts, or even hang them in a tent. Hanging clothes outside in the sun or wind will help clothes dry better.

Instead of having to carry enough clothes for days. You can use only T-shirts, wash them at the end of the day and wear them again the next day is a way to help you minimize your belongings.

During any trekking organized by Tropical Trekking, the safety guides always carry a clothesline. 

This is a simple hack that saves us a lot of time and effort.

Wear sun hat with flap

A hat with a flap will prevent sunburn. Our skin is very sensitive to UV rays from the sun. Use a sun hat with flaps to protect the sensitive nape, face and head areas.

Using sun hat with flaps

Keep breathing long and deep

Keeping a steady breath is a practice that many athletes use, because they help maintain endurance. When the breathing is stable, you will move the long road but less tired. Practice the following exercises:

  • When walking on flat ground: hold the breath 5-5. That is, take a deep breath for 5 breaths, exhale slowly for 5 breaths.
  • When climbing uphill: keep breathing 2-2 or 1-1

Note: you should breathe through both your nose and mouth. Inhaling air through the nose helps filter and replenish air for the lungs, exhaling through the mouth helps to dissipate heat faster for the body.

However, not everyone is the same, you should practice breathing and choose the most suitable breathing rhythm. When you notice that your breathing is disturbed, it is a sign that you need to rest. Instead of trying to keep going, sit back and rest your legs to get oxygen.

Keep breathing long and deep

Use 2 trekking poles

Using trekking poles is the most overlooked factor because many people think that they are entangled and unnecessary. Using 2 trekking poles helps you keep better balance, move faster.

In addition, trekking poles also provide great support for the knees, toes and ankles and relieve aches and pains after a hard day of climbing. Two trekking poles are also not too bulky. You can hang them on the side of the backpack when not in use. Currently, there are also many trek sticks with convenient folding designs.

Using 2 trekking poles

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