Giỏ hàng


"This is the first time you wake up, what you do is not pick up the phone.”

Trekking includes unique experiences along the path in addition to the ascent to the mountain.

Drinking water from the stream

Your tiredness is washed away by the clear, refreshing spring water that is rushing upstream. The Central Highlands' rapids are still as pure and lovely as their name suggests. To entice people to return after holding back, the waterfall is set in the middle of a natural setting with clouds, sky, and water imprinted with silhouettes. Instant noodles and woodland vegetable soup are prepared using spring water that is sourced upstream passed via the water filter has a flavour that is more recognizable as forest.

K'Ho local cuisine

How wonderful it is to be in the middle of the big mountains, your legs worn out from the journey, and be able to fill your stomach with the meal you are just beginning to love. When you hear the name of the dish, you can probably guess what ingredients it contains, but the flavor will still surprise you. In addition to the sour porridge cooked in gourds, bamboo shoots soup, grilled wild boar, and more. Along with the traveling buddies, who congregate around the fire to converse and sing merrily, the cuisine is also exceptionally wonderful.

Local guide

You will definitely be accompanied by a group of regional guides who are Cil and K'Ho residents of the Central Highlands if you join Tropical Trekking's trekking program. These guides understand Vietnamese and the indigenous languages, and some of them can speak English with ease. They are quite familiar with the rugged terrain. Your work as a "guide" to share the cultural history of the country where you were born and raised is always excellent.

Happy glass of wine

Wine is a heart-warming beverage. The K'Ho people have a long-standing tradition of drinking alcohol, which is seen as beautiful in cultural life. During celebrations, arguments, and the sound of religious gongs, they sip wine. When someone makes a mistake, they "punish the wine," when someone gets good news, they "give wine," and when melancholy strikes, everyone wishes each other a cup of wine so that it will pass fast.

When you go hiking, you'll also "join custom," take part in the welcome ritual, and enjoy the K'Ho people's distinctive rice wine flavor.

Enjoy specialty coffee

Is it feasible that you drink a cup of Saigon iced milk coffee every morning when you awaken? But those are merely occasions when people drink quickly to get to work, meetings, and business. You can take your time in the jungle, sipping a cup of aromatic Arabica coffee grown by the K'Ho people. Take a deep inhale, allowing the cool air to enter your heart cavity. Then, relax while staring up at the big sky.

Forest Uber

On the Ta Nang - Phan Dung trekking trail, you'll ride a homemade "crawler" vehicle through the jungle. Nothing presents a challenge to the "monsters," including traversing dense woodland, sloping terrain, and bogs.

The Grab Car service offered by Tropical Trekking will treat "you" like a visitor coming over to play.

The car is embellished with a really nice armor and plush, cozy seats for five to six people. The driver has undergone the most difficult "training periods" while seated to provide the finest jungle experience for you.

If you want to book a tour, please contact Tropical Trekking right away.

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