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Dong-Knoh (or Dung K'No) is a commune in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province. Dong-Knoh village is like “a miniature oasis”, completely isolated in the middle of ​​the forests.

Dong-Knoh Village is hidden in the fog

Dong-Knoh in K'Ho language means a narrow field in the middle of the mountains. There is no way in and no way out. The people here live off of the forest or are self-sufficient.

There is a lot of information about the village that is spread among people, but it has not been verified. It is said that the path to the village is connected between The Bidoup Forest and Da Nhim Forest. Others argue that it is the connection between Langbiang Plateau and Dam Ron. Some other information indicates that this is a trail connecting Southern Vietnam with Buon Ma Thuot, built by the First Lady of the Saigon Government - Mrs. Tran Le Xuan tried to make a strategic road, but it failed. These stories have no basis and no one knows the facts, so the questions are still open.

Trekking route towards Dong-Knoh village

The road to Dong-Knoh village is not accessible by any car and there is no clear path to go. The village sheltered the compatriots to live. Based on old memories of the road used to find food and the trail used to interact with the lowlands, the team of guides Tropical Trekking opened a path to the village.

This trekking path is opened with two criteria:

  • Helping tourists learn, discover and experience the traditional life and culture of the K'Ho ethnic group.
  • Create conditions for local guides and people in the village to earn extra income to maintain a stable life, avoid hunting wild animals, and burning fields for farming.

During the journey, the Tropical Trekking team always tries to develop sustainable tourism. How can visitors interact with indigenous people without affecting too much the normal life of the village.

Highlights on the Dong-Knoh trekking route

  • Travel to the foot of Monkey Mountain (Yo Dou) - the 3rd highest mountain in Lam Vien Plateau and enjoy the fresh, cool and pleasant air.
  • Discover the rich flora and fauna in the humid monsoon tropical forest typical of Vietnam's terrain.
  • Listen to the song of the mountains and forests created by the friends of the yellow-cheeked gibbon and the Indochinese silvered langur monkeys.
  • Experience the tangible and intangible cultural space in the village such as brocade weaving, “Cong chieng Tay Nguyen", visit the coffee garden,...
  • Enjoy a cup of pure K'Ho - Arabica coffee, take a breath of fresh air, catch the sunrise.
  • Hear about epic stories about fighting for justice under the voice of local guides.
  • Mountain cuisine is the part that tourists always look forward to the most “ca dang da trau", “chao chua", “thit gac bep", “canh mang rung",... The traditional dishes of the K'Ho people.

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To find out the mystery of Dong-Knoh village hidden in the fog, let's trek with Tropical Trekking.



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