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Food is the shortest way to go from sadness to happiness. Who is sad, come here, let Tropical Trekking comfort your soul with the highland mountain cuisine.

Who does not want to experience the delicious food in the world, sleep in luxury hotels. But trekkers are passionate about challenging trips, sleeping outdoors nights, and breakfast in pine forests. Trekkers call that feeling with two words "happiness". 

Special food in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

“Prền Bơtang” - Highland specialties

Joining the cultural experience tour of Tropical Trekking, distinguished guests will enjoy “Cà đắng da trâu" , a traditional dish of the Cil ethnic people living deep in the jungle. The dish is made from the fruit Prển Bơtang - are the family of The Solanaceae that grows wild on the plateau. Thanks to the food that nature gives, the Central Highlands land has strong sons and also kind girls.

The dish is made from two main ingredients: Prển Bơtang and buffalo skin. Bitter eggplant has a slightly bitter taste which is mixed with the greasy taste of buffalo skin and the pungent taste of chili. When eating, diners must sweat to fully feel the pinnacle of the culinary elite 

Special food in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Cháo chua - Unique dishes of the K'Ho people

The kitchen of every K'Ho people always has a pot of sour congee prepared on rainy days to both make food to fill the stomach and make a refreshing drink. Visiting the trekking trail to experience the highland culture, diners will enjoy the food that the K'Ho people consider as “elixir”.

Cháo chua is cooked from glutinous rice that is harvested at the end of March. The rice is then fermented and cooked. The K'Ho people will pour congee into the dried gourds that have been cleaned. Those gourds are hung on the wall of the floor. They eat cháo chua with some dried fish. Cháo chua has a sour smell like fermented wine. The sweet aftertaste lingers in the throat making many diners remember it forever.

Grilled pork marinated with Leilu salt

Not to mention the grilled dishes by the campfire. With a homemade recipe from the Trop’s guide, barbecue becomes a "super food" that knocks down many dreamy souls.

Special food in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Leilu salt, also known as Mang Tang pepper, is a highland spice with a strong pungent smell, different from the spicy taste of chili.

Pork is thinly sliced and marinated with mountain spices, then grilled under a charcoal stove. The dish is simple and rustic but contains the quintessence of heaven and earth. Tropical Trekking makes sure that the BBQ dinner is an experience you will never forget.

Special food in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Exclusive seasonal and occasion menus

Not just hanging around the old dishes. Tropical Trekking changes the menu seasonally, according to the occasion. These are grilled pork with bamboo tubes, chicken bamboo shoot soup, forest vegetable soup, sweet potatoes baked in the charcoal oven, shredded chicken salad, fresh yeast bread,... Trop's tour guide tries to preserve the original flavor, thereby conveying to the guests the special dishes and traditional highland culture.

Experience food with all 5 senses in the midst of great nature, have you tried it yet?



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