Giỏ hàng


Vietnam takes pride in being one of a few countries which have various and unique cuisine. Our cuisine captivates many attentions from either domestic or foreign tourists. Throughout our three regions, each place has its own distinctive local specialties. Speaking of regional specialties, we immediately think of Hà Nội meatball noodle, Huế beef noodle, Sài Gòn style broken rice and so on which are simple, however, proudly have been holding high ranking regionally and globally regarding delicious and worthwhile food.

Relating to food, 2TR HOUSE has been trying to make more dishes representing our uniqueness. As we already visited some of Tropical Trekking’s specialties in terms of scenery in the previous part, this time we would like to invite you, our favorite customers, to visit 2TR’s distinctively culinary specialty stall.

The main menu must include outdoor BBQs that are held in the middle of the jungle. Each party will be prepared well with ingredients by 2TR, and you will be the ones who collectively cook the food.

When it is getting darker and colder, it is also the time to have some barbecue, sip some wine while sitting next to the warm fire. The warmth of fire, the strong state of wine, the smell of meat altogether create a one-of-a-kind food that is irreplaceable.

Besides the main course, it is worth mentioning home-made food which is truly as tasty as home-made food served by Tropical Trekking. All ingredients are prepared beforehand, and no one else but you will be the ones contributing throughout the cooking process of these specialties.

All elements are rustic, simple, and intimate in order to create the experience and feeling aligned with trekking spirit as much as possible. 2TR HOUSE’s specialties are like that which is all about feeling and experience.


Apart from above-mentioned specialties, 2TR HOUSE’s menu still has other special dishes prepared to serve countless foodies from Vietnam and overseas. If you would like to try more other dishes, please do not hesitate to contact 2TR.

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