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In addition to the passion for extreme sports, many people choose trekking as a way to heal.

When life becomes stressful, when everything around you falls apart, when you get angry, when you have to spend too much time in the office and in the house where there are only brick walls and an old air conditioner. Try to step outside, be one with nature. Nature will bring you surprises.

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In fact, the population in big cities is increasing rapidly that lead to the process of urbanization and make the distance between people and nature increasingly distant. This is also one of the reasons why depression is on the rise in big cities. (People living in cities have a 20% higher risk of developing an anxiety disorder than those in the countryside.)

Free prescription for mental health

A Stanford University study published in the journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences found that people who spend more time in nature have a lower risk of depression than those who live in the city.

Especially since the covid-19 pandemic, no one can deny the importance of nature for human health. Either directly or indirectly, the whole world depends on nature for survival. Therefore, connecting with nature is considered an effective solution to help people regulate their emotions and moods. It is a stepping stone to fight depression in modern society.

Free prescription for mental health

Trekking brings you closer to the beauty and healing of nature

Hiking through the forest is an activity that not only brings you closer to nature, but they also take you to an exciting experience that you can't find anywhere else.

Try once to feel the smell of wet pine needles, the morning sunlight shining through the leaves, the sound of the stream babbling and the singing of birds. Guarantee that it will be the first time you feel your breath so fresh.

When resting under the shade of the tree, you easily feel the serenity and comfort. No one asks you to hurry, to rush forward to catch up with other people's lives. You can rest, and give yourself an open space to relieve stress and fatigue.

Being in nature also helps you reduce negative thoughts such as shame, anxiety, and disappointment that you think are wrong things happening in your life. The majestic beauty of nature will appease your mind.

Trekking brings people closer to the beauty and healing of nature

Trekking gives you a steady heart and an open mind

Trekking is an adventurous activity, you will face countless challenges ahead without knowing what they look like. This is a difficult task that requires participants to have enough bravery, endurance and physical strength to overcome it.

Just like in reality, every step you take is a decision you have to make in life. It is a stepping stone to the good things you will receive in the future. The river is always flowing non-stop, therefore if people want to move forward, they must learn to be consistent like the river. Steadfastness is the virtue that “trekking” will teach you along the way. To reach your destination, you must move forward without unnecessary problems.

Trekking gives you a steady heart and an open mind

Nature teaches people many lessons. A tree grows upright in the old forest. That is the embodiment of courage. We have overcome the harsh weather to root deep into the ground and get nutrients then grow up straight to the sky.

Trekking gives you a steady heart and an open mind

Along with physical health benefits, trekking is also a way to help you discover Mother Nature's treasures where your soul is open to welcome new and positive things. Put down your phone and contact Tropical Trekking for a healing experience with nature!

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