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After Ta Nang - Phan Dung, Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park is the most inspiring trekking trail for people who love nature and challenge. 

Bidoup Nui Ba is famous for the name “Nóc nhà Tây Nguyên”, this journey brings you to the roof of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. You will enjoy your passion for adventure, connect with nature and heal your soul through memorable nature experiences. Now Let's explore this trail with Tropical Trekking!

Overview of The Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park

Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park is located in Lac Duong and Dam Rong District, Lam Dong Province, 50km from the center of Dalat City. It’s named after the two highest mountains in the Central Highlands - Bidoup (2287m/ 7,503 feet) and Nui Ba (2167m/ 2,167 feet).

Trekking Bidoup Peak in 2 days and 1 night, the trekkers will pass 27km of forest roads under cool weather, accompanied by diverse vegetation bringing the mystical breath of the jungle.

 Trekking Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

What's fun in Bidoup Peak?

There are under the primeval forests, cold streams, fresh air, of course the steep hills "Oh my gosh, so many steep hills”. We assure that coming to this trip, you can't stop being amazed about the majestic beauty of nature.

Here, we invite you to tighten your backpack and start an adventure with Tropical Trekking.

Contemplate the “1,800-year-old Pomu Man”

Like the name, “The Old Pomu Man” is 1,300 years old, the largest tree in the Bidoup Peak. Standing under the tree, you can directly contemplate the magnificent beauty of the "Messenger of Time” and feel the sacred mystery of the forest clearly.

 Contemplate the “1,800-year-old Pomu Man”

Check in The top of Bidoup Peak - 2,287m

With a towering height, Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park has diverse flora and fauna ecosystems. During the trip, you can stop to admire the natural beauty, especially the wild orchids.

A trekker after a trip with Tropical Trekking commented like this, “The way to the top of Bidoup is like entering a fairyland. Because of the low temperature, the trail is foggy and wet. That is the feeling of lightheadedness is very similar to stepping in the middle of the fairy clouds.”

Check-in at the top of Bidoup is a milestone marking your efforts when you have persevered through the narrow and slippery road, clinged to the rope to climb the steep slope, regardless of the cold weather and still striding.

Check in The top of Bidoup Peak - 2,287m

BBQ and cultural exchange with the K'Ho people

Mysterious stories, ancient legends conveyed through the narration of the local K'Ho guide will be a special highlight of the trip. Sitting under the canopy of the camp, listening to the crackling sound of the fire, drinking a sip of the heirloom sticky rice wine, and serving with a piece of marinated grilled chicken. That is nothing more enjoyable in this world.

Crossing Da Nhim River with homemade floats

This is the unique experience of the journey to trekking Bidoup Peak. Trekkers who participate in the trail will be taken to the other side of the river by a uniquely designed floating buoy.

Crossing Da Nhim River with homemade floats

Is Trekking Bidoup difficult? 

Tropical Trekking would like to answer that the vertical slopes are an attractive specialty that makes every trekker shake their head in the middle of 15 degrees. The front is a slope, the back is a slope, the right is a slope, the left is also a slope, no matter which direction you turn, you must climb uphill. However, do not be discouraged because of that, sweet fruits are waiting for you ahead.

Notes when taking part in the Bidoup Peak

To ensure your safety during the trip, you need to pay attention to prepare all the necessary items. Please read this article carefully to equip yourself with the most complete equipment for an exciting and fun experience.

In addition, you should also prepare yourself with good physical strength and a steel mind. Please exercise regularly before the trip to ensure that you have enough health for the long journey ahead. Spirituality is also an equally important factor. Always stay optimistic, feelings of anxiety and fear will only make you more discouraged.

Sustainable Tourism Development and the Responsibility of trekking participants

Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park belongs to Langbiang Biosphere Reserve, which was recognized by UNESCO as the first biosphere reserve in the Central Highlands in 2015. This is home to many flora and fauna, with more than 62 species of plants and 32 rare animal species listed in the IUCN Red List.

Therefore, the challenges that the National Park is facing are also quite large. Due to the phenomenon of nomadic shifting cultivation, forest burning for swidden cultivation, the custom of hunting wild animals of the indigenous people and the exploitation of trekking tourism also greatly affect the biodiversity here.

Jeeps transport trekkers to the edge of the forest

With the orientation of Sustainable Tourism Development, Tropical Trekking always educates its customers that forest protection is one of the top factors that need to be taken care of. “Take nothing except pictures, leave nothing except footprints” is the spirit transmitted throughout the trekking trip to discover Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park. At the same time, Tropical Trekking also creates more stable jobs and better income for local people with the slogan "From Hunter to Guider".


Hope you guys have an enjoyable experience!



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