Giỏ hàng


The cooler the weather is, the temperature during the day changes continuously from morning to noon, from dusk to late at night, towards the end of the year. The magical changes in the middle of the green forest also make the journey more interesting. It can be said that this is a great time for you and your dear friends to "carry backpack".

Only you and your friends will be on a trip, surrounded by the embrace and affection of mother nature. All we have here is experience and feeling, a very different trip, no crowded check-in place, no noise, no extravagance.

Stopped in the open space, we shared things to do together. One set up a tent, one hung clothes, one made a fire to cook, one sat quietly in a corner meditating on something…

The tent was set up, the "banquet" barbecue had just been made ready. We all sat down, got together, sipped a drink, and told each other our stories of the past year. There were things of all kinds, including happy, sad, and crazy stories. And so, the sky darkened.

It's been a long time since there was a chance for the whole group to sit, eat and drink together. Suddenly, the space was quiet, and the group looked up at the night sky. The majestic vast mountain of forest is surrounding, in front of a speck of fire warming our hands, beside us are friends who have experienced many memories together. It is hard to forget that moment!

One night passed quietly, we were awakened by the sunshine and the tenderness of the green forest early in the morning. Tidying up the tent and packing up our luggage, we were getting on the way again!

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