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The fragrance of the planet after the rain has poured down makes our hearts so soft and gentle.

Did you notice when the dry ground took in the showers, a pleasant fragrance wafted through the air. So where does the Earth come from these fragrances?

The scent of the earth after it rains

The sweet scent of the earth

In a small garden, in a moorland or in an endless forest, do you smell the pleasant fragrance created by rain?

When raindrops trickle down to the arid ground, a new kind of "perfume" appears called petrichor. The word originates from the Greek, "petra" means "stone", and "ichor” means a reference to the golden fluid or blood that flows in the veins of the Gods and immortals in Greek mythology.

This fragrance is found all over the world, it has a fresh, pure taste, and is the beginning of life for plants to sprout and bear fruit.

The scent of the earth after it rains

What exactly does petrichor mean?

Starting in 1964, scientists in Australia have carried out many studies on this special scent. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered that this scent is a combination of many different types of odors.

Actinomycetes contained in the oil of some plants are capable of decomposing organic matter in soil, rock into necessary nutrients for plants. And another bacteria called geosmin, which is available in nature and has a special aroma.

When it rains, the humidity in the air increases and the ground also becomes wetter. Based on this condition, actinomycetes and geosmin reproduce more and combine each other to create a unique scent. The spores act as aerosols and carry the smell to our noses, they splash when it rains and spread everywhere.

The scent of the earth after it rains

Unanswered Mysteries

Research is still being carried out to this day with many open questions. Many studies are done to find out why people smell this smell and most people like it.

There are some explanations that people from ancient times depended on nature, so the human nose is very sensitive to the smell of the weather, especially when it rained to serve for gathering, hunting, or farming.

Hopefully, oneday scientists ưill be able to discover why we are so sensitive to this scent.

The scent of the earth after it rains

Our nose can smell trillions of different smells and fragrances. Each scent brings a new feeling or happiest memories of the past. What about you, do you have any special memories with these “smells of rain”?

The scent of the earth after it rains

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