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When you think of the Central Highlands, what do you think of first?

If our life does not have electricity, does not have a big house, will we be "rich"? For ethnic people in the Central Highlands, they were born in the forest, grew up in the forest, and died in the forest. Then as long as the forest is still there, they are still "rich".

Today, following Tropical Trekking to find the memory of the guys who have been attached to the forest for a lifetime.

The land associated with the history of Vietnam

The Central Highlands belongs to the West Central region, adjacent to the two countries Laos and Cambodia. If viewed from above, the Central Highlands is like the roof of Indochina with high mountains.

During the Vietnam War, the Central Highlands had a very important strategic position. Because the French determined that "Whoever controls the Central Highlands will master Indochina"

Therefore, the Central Highlands became one of the most important battlefields during the war. Ethnic people in the Central Highlands are people with indomitable loyalty, solidarity and unity to create glorious victories for the country.

Trekking The Historic Salt Trail - Finding the origin of the nation

“Rivers, streams and rapids are the sons of the Mother Nature.” Going through so many mountains, through so many forests, from the grass to the big tree, from the birds in the sky to the fish in the stream, all life comes from the water.

The sacred waterfalls in the Central Highlands are breathtakingly beautiful. The most famous is Dam-ri waterfall, then Prenn. These waterfalls keep a lot of history and memories of the ethnic community from the wild days to the present.

People in the Central Highlands often spread the legend of Lien Khang waterfall on the Da Nhim river. This land used to have a very beautiful stream with many sweet fruits for people and monkeys, and there were too many fish in the stream. Therefore, the weaver ants came to live in more and more people, releasing all the delicious fruits of the people.

People looked to the Fire God for help. But the more Fire God burns, the more ants there are. The god of fire also had to give up. The villagers continued stabbing buffaloes and praying to Yang. Yang called the Rain God, the Thunder God to make the flood water and blow away the yellow ants. Since then, people have lived happily ever after.

Lien Khang waterfall is the place where the last lightning hammer smashes the queen ant running through to form a deep and beautiful waterfall, now known as Lien Khuong waterfall (in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong).

Join the trekking tour of Gate Troi Waterfall - bathe in a cool stream under the 7-storey sacred waterfall

Epic of the Central Highlands - The cultural, the soul of the Central Highlands

The Central Highlands epic, the epic poem reflects honestly and vividly the life of the Central Highlands people through each historical period. Up to now, epic stories are still passed on by mountain people in community activities.

On every occasion of a wedding festival, a new rice festival, etc., the storyteller (usually the village elders) with a high-pitched, high-pitched voice narrates the story to attract listeners to the adventure. The Central Highlands epics have stories told in one night, but there are stories that last a whole month. Listeners are so anxiously waiting for the next part.

If you have never heard of the Central Highlands, join a trekking tour towards Dong-Iar-Jieng village under the narration of a local guide under the fanciful mountain space, with a cup of warm wine. It is difficult for us to distinguish between reality.

Since the war, the roads extending from the Central Highlands to the sea have been widened, the lives of ethnic minorities have also improved, but in remote areas, it is not much better.



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