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Referring to the Central Highlands, people often imagine communal houses with soaring roofs, colorful brocade sets, and “Cong chieng Tay Nguyen". And it is impossible to forget to mention the spiritual aspects of the K'Ho people.

Where there is fire, there is human life

In the concept of the K'Ho people in Lam Dong, the universe consists of three layers: the heavens (where the gods live), the living (in reality) and the dead (where dead people live).

If you pay attention, you will see the image of a fire appearing around the lives of the Central Highlands people, from a small kitchen to a campfire night in the festival season. The Central Highlands people attach great importance to the role of the Fire God. The Fire God is considered by the people as a god of peace for the family. Therefore, the Fire God appears in most of the festivals of the Central Highlands people from the new rice festival, to the celebration the New Year,...

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For ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands in general and the K'Ho people in particular, the fire is the sacred fire, dispelling the darkness, bringing warmth to people, and looking back to their ancient roots.

K'Ho's “Chieng" God worshiping ceremony

Because of the special spiritual meanings, the ceremonies of worshiping the Fire god are performed very solemnly. People in the village eagerly prepared many days before with joy and excitement. On the night of the ceremony, gather at the communal house of the village elder. The strong man blew three horns and signaled the start of the festival.

Trekking with Troppical Trekking and learning about the cultural story

Then the fire lit up in the middle of the sacred forest, the village elder clasped his hands to pray for peace for the village

 “Ơ…ơ…Yàng…! Hỡi thần Lửa linh thiêng…! Khắp bốn phương Ngài đang ở đâu? Đang trú ngụ ở những cánh rừng phía đông hay thung lũng phía tây - Dù Ngài có ở xa cách năm ngọn đồi, bảy con suối - Chúng con đang làm lễ cúng Ngài - Tre nứa chúng con để sẵn - Đá thiêng chúng con để sẵn - Củi rơm chúng con để sẵn - Chờ Ngài cho lửa - Ngọn lửa sẽ giúp xua đi màn đêm tăm tối - Đem ánh sáng và may mắn về cho buôn làng - Hỡi thần Lửa linh thiêng!…”. 

““God of Fire…! Where are you? You are residing in the forests of the east or the valleys of the west - Even though you are far away from five hills and seven streams - We are making offerings to you - Our bamboos are ready - Our sacred stones for - We have ready to made firewood and straw - Waiting for you for fire - The fire will help dispel the dark night - Bring light and luck to the village - O sacred Fire god!…”.

At the end of the prayer, the old man reached out to kill pigs, chickens, and buffaloes to get blood to smear on the torches. These torches were passed on to the strongest boys in the region under the witness of the Fire god.

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During ceremony days, people wish each other peace and luck, just like the Lunar New Year. Each family will send a representative to bring the Fire God home. The fire from the communal house is brought back and lit in the kitchen, at which time the host will sacrifice a rooster and ask the Fire god to stay in the warm kitchen.

New Rice Festival of Xe Dang ethnic people

The Xe Dang people in Kon Tum often hold a new rice festival with the wish that the villagers are always full-off. Welcoming “nia” into the house is a ritual symbolizing warmth. In the village elder's kitchen, there is a fire lit on the roof, the elder will be responsible for bringing each spark to the families in the village. When you go to any house, that host comes out to receive it, and don't forget to put some rice husks in the fire to pray for a bountiful harvest next year.

Trekking with Troppical Trekking and learning about the cultural story

Currently, many rituals of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands have undergone many changes and are no longer kept as original due to various objective and subjective reasons. However, Fire God always accompanies the material and spiritual life of the village. If tourists want to come to the Central Highlands, want to listen to mysterious ancient stories, or want to travel in a particular way, there is Tropical Trekking here.

Let's light a passionate fire together, rekindle old stories, find lost cultures, set foot on the forgotten path.



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