Giỏ hàng


When I hug a tree, there is something strange running down my spine that cannot be described!

Participating in many trekking trips from North to South, everytime I always remember the feeling of hugging a tree. If you think this is a strange thing. Well that's exactly what it is, it's so weird.

Every time I wrap my arms around a large tree, I feel like a small child and crouch in the arms of my loved one, who is a firm support for my soul.



It is not easy to become a tree without getting enough light, water, and standing still.

Every time I hug a tree, I am impressed by its stillness. The stillness, the generosity of the trunk without any movement comforted my bewildered soul.

People are often afraid, anxious and very wavering when facing any problem. But the tree, even if it encounters wild animals, earthquakes or stormy nights, is still steadfast. This is a wise virtue that we need to learn, only when we are steadfast in the face of fear can we become strong.



When I was a child, I was amazed to discover that it is only the trunks and the tiny leaves that provide enough oxygen for all living beings in the wide world; provide nutrients for mosses; loosen up the soil; be a shelter for birds, squirrels, ants, etc. 

In spring, the tree produces crimson flowers, in summer the tree produces sweet fruit, and then in autumn, it collects fallen yellow leaves. When there is anything, no matter how small or big, trees are ready to share with everyone.

Trees are generous in giving without asking for anything in return. When I'm still breathing, I will try to give as much as the tree does, sometimes just a smile, a thank you. If we give away what we have, we will have more to give.



We always assume that the straight road is the best path. But there was a time when I looked up at the top of a tall tree. I discovered that the tree that grows upright doesn't give as much eye shadow as the branched trees.

Have you ever noticed how gracefully the tree winds? Trees aren't perfect by any means, but they're still beautiful.

In fact, human beauty also comes from imperfections. I believe that everyone's hidden corner looks very beautiful. Whether it is ugly things, failures, pain, .. we should accept and face.


Give up

willow or bamboo forests all have very resilient vitality, because they survive by relying on the wind. This made me realize that, instead of resisting life, being flexible is better.

Sometimes we have to let go of resistance and go with the flow. Change is the essence of life, but we try to resist change. Each time, we don't realize that we are only focusing on the negatives and dismissing all the positives.

Trees teach us the value of being flexible and adaptive and how to be more accepting of change. When you let go and accept something, your focus will shift to the positive and will attract the right solutions that help you move towards a more relevant reality.


A tree that contains peaceful, serene energy but is also strong and vibrant. And trees remind us of who we are and what we deserve.



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