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Last week, the first "Youth Science Conference" 2024 took place at Hong Bang International University (HIU). At the conference, speaker Phuong Nguyen Huynh Thanh presented a report titled " TREKKING TOURISM LINKED WITH CO HO ETHNIC CULTURE AT BIDOUP NUIBA MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK: POTENTIAL AND CHALLENGES."

The report discussed the type of tourism that returns to nature, particularly trekking, which is increasingly attracting young groups from cities and countries. Combining this with indigenous culture is a current trend. The natural endowments of BiDoup Nuiba national park, along with the long-standing culture of the K'Ho (Cơ Ho) people, provide a significant advantage for developing this type of tourism. However, the success of this model requires sustainable and long-term investment and commitment from tourism operators, tourists, and managing authorities.

The main challenges include limitations in infrastructure, a lack of awareness about the importance of cultural preservation in tourism development, and insufficient financial resources to invest in sustainable tourism projects.

At the end of the report, it was proposed to establish an Adventure Tourism Association, train professional tour guides and staff with knowledge of K'Ho culture, enhance promotion and marketing efforts, and implement environmental and cultural protection measures. These initial steps will promote the development of nature-based tourism in the BiDoup Núi Bà National Park area in general, and trekking associated with K'Ho culture in particular. All these efforts will contribute to raising awareness about the importance of cultural preservation, improving infrastructure, and creating favorable conditions for long-term tourism investment.

Dr. Do Xuan Bien - Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences - Expressed interest in the reporter's topic

Ms. Thanh Phương's presentation received high praise from the conference chairpersons, who are renowned Associate Professors and Doctors in the field. The delegates all agreed that this is a highly practical research topic. It is hoped that Ms. Thanh Phương's insights will contribute to effectively and sustainably promoting trekking tourism associated with indigenous culture in BiDoup Núi Bà National Park.

Tropical Trekking is pleased to have accompanied the researcher in exploring this topic. In the future, we also hope to contribute to activities related to the development of sustainable tourism.

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