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Tropical Trekking notes the unofficial statistics from the Ducan Kitchen website that approximately 10% of Vietnam's population is vegetarian, estimated at 9-10 million people – a relatively high average number globally. In addition to being vegetarian for health reasons, the rise of the pure vegetarian lifestyle combined with sports activities such as yoga, running, trekking, etc. is becoming increasingly popular.

1. What is “Vegan Trekking”?

  • First, let's distinguish between the concepts of being vegetarian and being vegan.

So 'Vegan trekking' refers to trekking tours where Tropical Trekking will apply a nearly 100% vegan diet, with all the meals served on the trail being vegan

2. The difference between the 'vegan trekking' tour and Tropical Trekking's current tours

  • After many years of operation, during which Tropical Trekking has had some trekking trips with vegetarian and vegan trekkers. Providing vegan meals for the "vegan trekking" tour is not an entirely unfamiliar task. However, starting from this June, they will officially launch the VEGAN TREKKING tour, where 100% of the meals will be completely vegan.
  • And after months of preparation, gathering feedback from vegan trekkers who have joined Trop, consulting with experts, and most importantly, finding reliable sources of vegan ingredients, Tropical Trekking is delighted to introduce to you a unique vegan menu, offering you an exciting and meaningful experience of exploring the 'all-green' space. 

* Tours with Vegan Menu in 2024: 

3. The Vegan Trekking Menu 

  • In addition to using 100% plant-based ingredients grown in Lam Vien Plateau, Tropical Trekking will incorporate a few foraged foods that we encounter on the trails, such as bamboo shoots, wild vegetables, mushrooms, etc.
*Depending on the ingredients available for purchase and foraging, Trop will select a few dishes from this menu to serve the vegan trekkers.



In the vegan menu, we can't miss out on dishes familiar to Vietnamese people like braised tofu, grilled eggplant with rice, and stir-fried rice vermicelli... but there are also many other enticing dishes that are unique to Trop, such as chickpea curry, fresh bamboo shoots with dipping sauce, assorted boiled vegetables... prepared by our local guide team.


If you have any suggestions about the menu, trekkers can inbox our fanpage or ZaloOA 

“With the Vegan Trekking tours on forest journeys, Trop hopes that it will be a highlight that helps raise awareness about a green, healthy lifestyle, contributing to preserving Mother Earth, conserving local cultures, and protecting wildlife, gaining more support and spreading further..” Tropical Trekking team.


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