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Spend your money to beat your fear. It sounds like a no-brainer. But Tropical Trekking has met many young people who came to the U50s and U60s who had the courage to leave the safe zone so that fear was no longer a challenge through difficult trekking/hiking trips.

How did Trekker forge the courage to overcome fear?

Who has no fear!

Who doesn't have fear, right? Many people decide to "avoid" fear and move on, others are like "ok, actually, fear is nothing to be afraid of" so just face it.

Before coming to Tropical Trekking, most customers confided that there were countless fears that followed them: fear of fatigue, fear of altitude sickness, fear of spiders, snakes, the dark, fear of getting lost, etc.

Tropical Trekking recommends that you should write down a list of things that scare you off before deciding to sign up for trekking. And absolutely should not judge that as "negative fear". Fear isn't a bad thing, it's just that you don't know how to face it. All you need is just a feel. Those fears are just invisible things, we can't hold or taste. The more clearly you feel your fear, the easier it will be for you to overcome it.

Think about the positive results you will get

Fear is the brain's biological mechanism when it comes to recognizing threats, which we can control. Trying to imagine the beautiful and positive things in the future is a kind of "auto-suggestion" tricking the brain into understanding that it is only a challenge, not a threat.

Only when you dare to face the things that scare you, can you overcome them forcefully. Once you've determined what your fear is, the next step is to think about the positive results you'll get once the fear has completely disappeared.

If you're afraid of the dark, then think of the starry skies, the moonlight illuminating the forest, something you don't get a chance to see when you live in light-polluted cities. If you are afraid of "fainting" when climbing uphill, then try to imagine the feeling of overwhelming joy when standing on the top of the mountain, watching the results and the poetic beauty of the green forest.

If you're terrified of snakes coming out of the bushes, those snakes aren't actually that scary if you don't make a threatening impact on them. Try to think of the natural experiences that you've been blessed with, because not everyone has that chance.

Physical training

If you don't keep your body healthy, there's no point in overcoming your fears. Because once your physical health is not healthy, your mental health problems will go downhill as well. Be prepared to be in good physical condition. The treks with beginner level do not require participants to be extremely physically fit, you just need to be healthy enough to go hiking and bring 2 liters of water.

When you prepare for good health, you will be brave enough to face the fears that are expected to appear on the trip, right?


Celebrate your achievements

In life, if you look at things in a positive way, you can turn fear into motivation. On the contrary, fear can become a hindrance. Conquer your fears to achieve the results you deserve. So when you get over your fear, celebrate.

In conclusion, I practice courage not in a day or two. But when you step into the trekking path of discovery with Tropical Trekking, we would like to make sure that invisible fears are no longer a bar in your way to greater success.

Fear is your reason to start now.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.” - HARRIET TUBMAN


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