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Most people make the same mistakes on their first trek. Here are the common mistakes that beginners need to avoid so you can have a memorable experience instead of a "disaster" trip of a lifetime.

If this is your first time trekking then this article is exactly for you.

Using the wrong type of trekking backpack and carrying too many things

Trekking backpacks are one of the most important items. They not only help you store your belongings but also protect your shoulders and neck area. However, many people who participate in trekking for the first time often do not pay too much attention to this issue. They usually use regular backpacks or beautiful backpacks to take virtual photos.

That is the mentality of “bring the whole world” when traveling. Trekking is completely different from vacation. You can stay at the hotel and bring as many belongings as you like on vacation. On the contrary, you must always carry and move only important things constantly during the trekking trip.

If the weight of the backpack is too heavy, it will put pressure on the knee and shoulder joints which can lead to injury, especially for first-time trekkers who are not used to carrying heavy items when hiking. It is this choice that will make your trip become a disaster.

Tropical Trekking advises you to prepare yourself a suitable trekking backpack and learn how to organize your luggage simply by bringing only the things you really need.

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Use normal shoes for trekking

Trekking is not just walking on the trail, but you also have to move on rough terrain, rocky roads, climb slippery slopes, cross streams, go through swamps. If you use regular running shoes or style shoes with not enough lining then your feet will be uncomfortable. Occasionally, there are cases of dropping the sole of the shoe, dislocating the foot, and blistering the foot caused by inappropriate shoes.

You should choose trekking shoes with ventilation holes for easy drainage, shoe soles with good grip, trekking shoe size larger than 0.5-1 size.

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Choose the wrong trekking clothes

Choosing the wrong outfit will cause a lot of trouble during the trip. Clothes that are too tight will hinder movement; clothes that are not thick enough can not keep the body warm at night; clothes that do not absorb sweat well cause itching and discomfort.

Unlike backpacks or trek shoes, you do not need to invest in expensive clothes, instead choose clothes that are comfortable, cool, and absorb sweat well. If you should prepare more warm clothes in the winter, prepare a jacket with UV protection in the summer, and don't forget to bring a raincoat. Note to avoid bringing clothes with heavy materials such as those made from jeans, animal skin,...

Negligence regarding food and water

There is no need to explain how important it is to eat for energy. When trekking/hiking, our body is in constant motion and burns calories, losing water quickly. You may feel dizzy or have a headache if you don't drink enough water.

Remember to drink enough 2l of water/day, don't skip meals, and eat snacks like chocolate, biscotti,... to quickly recharge. 

Not follow “Leave No Trace”

Tropical Trekking recommends learning about “Leave No Trace” before the trekking trip. Because this has a direct impact on nature, trekking destinations can be destroyed in a worse way because the plants do not retain their pristine beauty under human footprints.

Many people participate in trekking without following the safety rules and “Leave no trace”. Leaving the forest with non-biodegradable plastic waste; cutting down forest trees to make fire; even destroying plants ... These are all actions that are not allowed when participating in trekking.

Please don't think that a small careless act can't destroy a large forest. So if 1000 other people have the same thoughts, what will the forest become?

In short, you should learn carefully about the terrain, weather and consult the experience of experts to prepare well for the trip of your life.

Tropical Trekking wishes you a safe and experience trip!



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