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How to protect camera, phone, flashlight safely while trekking?

In addition to the phone, many trekkers want to bring a camera, Gopro or Flycam with them to record moments during the trekking trip. But you don't know how to protect it properly. Unexpected cases often occur such as accidentally dropping the phone in a stream, the camera lens is scratched by the skin,... Here are some notes to help you minimize the risks when you go trekking. Let's follow along.

How to prepare and transport technology devices safely

To prevent technology devices from colliding with other items in your backpack, you should arrange your luggage as follows:

  • Pack technology items in specialized bags, such as cameras in a shockproof bag separately.
  • Place them between layers of clothing and towels to reduce the risk of collisions
  • Limit strong impact on the backpack during transportation

Preserving technological equipment under weather conditions

Hot weather

If you go trekking in the summer, you should avoid exposing your technology device to direct sunlight. If you need to take photos or videos, please note that you should use it for a short time and then return to the shade to avoid damage.

Cold weather

Electronic devices in a low-temperature environment are not good, because they can get wet, reduce the life of the battery, etc. You should store them in a special high-temperature bag or wrap a layer of clothing around to be close to your body.

Rain and wet

Wet and rainy weather is inevitable if you join trekking trips in the Central Highlands in the rainy season. To avoid rainwater infiltration, you should:

  • Phone: Using a waterproof bag, you can easily find this product online stores or at phone accessory stores. This type of bag also helps the phone to avoid shocks and scratches effectively.
  • Camera, camcorder, flycam, Gopro,...: You should prepare a large plastic bag or zip bag to wrap the device. When trekking in heavy rain, you put the device covered with a waterproof nylon layer inside the backpack, then put on a backpack raincoat outside. If you are heavier, you can wear a raincoat with bat wings and use the back flap to cover the backpack.
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The desiccant bags will make the most of it in wet weather, so don't forget to bring a desiccant bag to put in your technology bag to keep them dry. If the phone is accidentally dropped in the water, you need to pick it up immediately, dry it, and remove the sim card. If your group has brought rice, you should leave your phone there and wait until you get out of the forest and have it repaired. On Iphone phones, there is a Water Eject mode to help push water out of the speaker, you can also apply it.


Do not bring all technology devices

Tropical Trekking understands your desire to take beautiful pictures through expensive technology equipment. But bringing too much equipment will make your backpack heavier, making it difficult to climb the mountain. Not to mention the awkwardness when you have to arrange your belongings, only taking them out to take pictures can waste time or can be lost due to forgetting or dropping on the way.

You should only bring equipment that is absolutely necessary. A phone or travel camera, a charging cord, a power bank is enough for you to shoot during a short trekking trip. Remember, the fewer items the easier it is for you to look after and maintain, they are beneficial for you on the go.

Use the belts

Camera and phone belts are very useful. The belts around your neck helps you keep an eye on your device and can be quickly taken out to capture beautiful moments.


Hopefully with the information Tropical Trekking shared above, you will have a good trekking trip.



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