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Surprisingly, on rainy days, the mood is erratic. Life, work, love, everything around is just like a vicious circle. Then you should try to change your plans by booking a trekking tour, getting on a bus and going back to the wilderness.

The weather changes erratically. If you go to the forest on rainy days it is extremely dangerous. However, it is also a memorable experience. Prepare your spirit and follow Tropical Trekking through the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands on rainy days.

Trekking in the rainy day

Bring new vitality to the forest

Rain brings a new breath of life. Because the rain passed, the trees and flowers bloomed with each other. The green of the trees, the brown of the undulating hills and the drops of rain that settle on the leaves are a wonder. The new colors give you a new perspective that would be difficult to see if you trek in the dry season.

Trekking in the rainy day

Back to childhood

Heavy rain, high winds, and dark clouds are the difficult challenge for trekkers on the journey to find Mother Nature Beauty. However, let's stop for a moment and admire the gray clouds coming to obscure the sunny blue sky, the flock of birds rushing to find shelter, the heavy rain coming and bringing a cool wind.

It will be a pity if you do not enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view when it rains. Have you  ever tried to enjoy a rain shower like a kid?

Trekking in the rainy day

“Accidentally” seeing wild animals

Animals are very sensitive to rain, no doubt some species will seek shelter when it starts to rain. This is a good opportunity for you to see many different species of animals. Usually on dry days, animals are very sensitive and react very quickly to human-made sounds then seek to hide immediately. In contrast to rainy days, the sound of rain overwhelms other sounds so you can easily get close and observe the hiding places of animals from snails, to salamanders, snakes, birds,... Don't forget to prepare binoculars and cameras. You are free to learn and observe, but remember to follow the principles of wildlife protection.

Trekking in the rainy day

Enjoy the scent of the Earth

After a heavy rain, the scent of flowers and the soothing sound of the rain soothes our minds. The noise of the rain is sometimes soothing and sometimes noisy, the sound of the rain makes it easier to sleep, the fresh smell after the rain makes the spirit more pleasant.

Trekking in the rainy day

There is no best season for trekking, but every season is beautiful. The rainy season brings a fresh breeze, changing the surrounding landscape. You will get a completely different feeling compared to trekking in the dry season.

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