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For those who love trekking, no one can ignore trekking to the Cil cultural domain of the mysterious village of Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou hidden deep in the jungle. This is one of the most difficult trekking routes in Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park in Vietnam that many trekkers come to try to conquer.

Trekking Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou - An expert level trekking tour

Trekking Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou or The Hunter Trail is an expert level trekking tour - the most difficult level of Tropical Trekking's tours. The journey  lasts 3 days and 2 nights, the altitude is 2001m. The whole trail is about 30km through the forest and climbing the slopes. You will experience different types of terrain, from green grass valleys to steep steep mountain slopes, through three-leaf pine forests.

Participating in trekking The Hunter's Road, trekkers can not only see the majestic nature but also participate in exploring the village - Dong Iar Jieng. That is the residence of the Cil who ethnic minority in the Central Highlands. The village of the Cil people is nestled in the middle of a deep forest valley, completely isolated from the outside world.

 Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou Trekking Trail in Lam Dong, Vietnam

Coming here, you will know more about the mysterious culture, of course indispensable legends or magical laws of the Cil people.

Like a rhyme sung by children:

“Sông suối là của chung

Cá dưới suối ai xúc cũng được

Bắt ếch con còn chừa ếch mẹ

Chặt tre phải chừa cây măng

Đốt tổ ong phải chừa ong chúa

Bẫy cá bằng thuốc sẽ làm suối nghèo”


“Rivers and streams belong to all

Fish in the stream can be caught

Catching baby frogs, leaving the mother

Chopping bamboo, leave young bamboo shoots

Burning the hive, return the Queen bee

Trapping fish by gunpowder makes the stream poor.”

 Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou Trekking Trail in Lam Dong, Vietnam

This trail has not been marked on the map, which carries the mysterious breath of the Central Highlands mountains and forests with a green vegetation all year round. Along the way, you will see scattered Cil people going to the forest.

The detailed schedule of trekking tour The Hunter's Road - Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou is here

Why do you need to check your fitness before joining an expert trekking tour?

The rugged mountainous terrain is typical of the Monkey Mountain route. With steep vertical slopes, thorny trees lined up along the way. When moving deep into the old forest, many sections do not even have a path.

Therefore, it will be extremely dangerous if you do not have much experience or have not participated in trekking the Monkey Mountain route before. Only the Cil who were used to living in the jungle could move easily. However, do not worry, if you do not have much experience, the safety guide of Tropical Trekking will support you throughout the trip.

So when participating in trekking Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou Hunter Road, to ensure your health and safety during the trip, we always ask participants to take a fitness test.

 Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou Trekking Trail in Lam Dong, Vietnam

Instructions for doing simple exercises at home before trekking

Exercises to increase endurance

The feet are the main vehicle in the trip that takes you from one surprise to another. Therefore, running is the first physical exercise that participants need to prepare. Running helps increase endurance and flexibility for the legs.

You can practice more at home by wearing a trekking backpack and running  everyday. You should run with a sustained speed from 5km/h to 9-10km/h and practice continuously 2 weeks before the trip.

 Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou Trekking Trail in Lam Dong, Vietnam

Breathing exercises

If you play other sports like swimming, cycling, badminton, etc., it's a great thing. It will be easier for you to know how to do breathing exercises, focus on regulating your breath, take a deep breath - exhale slowly to regulate your heart rate.

If you do not know how to practice breathing, you can refer to the following exercise:

  • Sit in the most comfortable position
  • Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth for 3 breaths to warm up
  • Take a deep breath
  • Count to 5 seconds and then exhale through your nose
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times per day

 Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou Trekking Trail in Lam Dong, Vietnam

There are 50-year-old trekkers of Tropical Trekking who have conquered The Hunter Trail - Dong Iar Jieng - Yo Dou , so let's explore with us!



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