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An ancient Chinese proverb says that "A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step."

You are ready for your own "extraordinary" journey. Let's overcome the new challenges of 2023 with Tropical Trekking.

For families, children, beginners - Trekking Heaven Gate Waterfall

The trekking trail is a fantastic option if you want an outdoor trek with gorgeous scenery but don't need to cross many high mountains. It's perfect for beginners, kids, and picnics with the whole family.   You will pass through "Da Lat style" chilly pine trees, green grass slopes, wild horses' homes, and it is impossible to miss the breathtaking magnificence of the waterfall as you travel along the trail. 

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For those who love adventure - Trekking the Salt Trail

The growth of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands is linked to the salt trail.  The Salt Trail is a spectacular picture of the thriving economic growth of the previous century. Today's economy is growing quickly, and highways now include trails. But the Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park still contains remnants of the Historic Salt Trail. The Central Highlands people's cultural identity, as well as the essence of Vietnam's various ethnic groups, are imprinted on the salt road.

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For adventure lovers - Trekking Dam Rong – Lompur Peak

The K'Ho people's food exchange recreates the Dam Rong - Lompur  trekking trail. According to the K'Ho people's legend, in order to find food and trade food with other people, their ancestors had to cross various risks, including mountains, forests, and streams.

The road is a part of the Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, which is regarded as the sacred land of the K'Ho people. Visitors will be able to take in the unspoiled natural beauty along the trip, from the coniferous ecosystem to the characteristic Vietnamese tropical jungle, as well as the spectacular beauty of the enormous rice fields.

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For Expert - Trekking Dong-Iar-Jieng Village

This is a beautiful place with stunning natural views. We are awakened by morning dawn in the Central Highlands mountains. The early morning sun's rays dance to the beat of people walking. The majesty of nature will make you feel incredibly little in the huge cosmos as you can clearly sense the breath of the forest.

Towards provincial route 723, 50 kilometers from Da Lat's city center, the village of Dong Iar Jieng can be found after passing through a large pine forest, gurgling streams, and dense mosaic clouds while the chilly weather blankets the entire ancient woodland. The entire village, which consists primarily of elderly people and has a population of only approximately 50, is surrounded by Bidoup Nui Ba.

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